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Windsor 12 AV Subwoofer

The top Windsor Street offering, this subwoofer has what it takes to make your system a music and home theater powerhouse. With its proprietary woofer composition of polyglass-coating, treated paper, Kevlar, CSX and fiberglass, and 200 watt amplifier with 400 watts of peak power, this subwoofer will deliver some serious bass in a great-looking cabinet, and bring honor to the name Windsor.

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Features & Specifications

  • Class “D” Digital Amplifier with 200W RMS/400W Dynamic Power
  • 10″ Driver, Proprietary Blend of Treated Paper, Kevlar®, CSX and Polyglass
  • Real Slot Ported Bass Reflex MDF Enclosure
  • High quality Black Oak Vinyl Finish
  • Frequency response32Hz-150Hz
  • Maximum Output118dB.
  • Class “D” Digital Amplifier200W rms/400W Dynamic Power
  • InputsL/R Line Level/LFE RCA Jacks
  • FeaturesVolume, Lowpass, Phase, Auto Power
  • PhaseSwitchable 0-180 degrees
  • Voltage110/240
  • Dimensions460 x 390 x 451
  • Dimensions20.15 kg